Dorothy  Popovich

Morris Chamovitz

Robert Popovich

6 years old


A lifetime of lessons learned from his mother that he applied to his personal life & business career that have turned their stories into an 'overnight' international bestselling sensation and all of this guided by her surrogate father, mentor and eventual business partner Morris Chamovitz.  

It has touched the hearts and minds of readers around the world. It will bring a smile to your face and an occasional tear to your eye.


Critics are calling it 'refreshing and riddled with original humor.' So hop on board the 'mom train,' and we hope it brings back fond memories of your own childhood.

Many readers from around the world have asked for more stories of growing up with mother, and in response, the author is nearing completion of Volumes II & III and soon to be released. 







"You were so thoughtful to send me a copy of your new book, Mother Always Said, "..." in which you deal with the importance of family values and their role in our nation's future."

Former First Lady

Barbara Bush











"The beauty of Mother Always Said, "..." is in its simplicity. It takes complex human emotional issues & deals with them in an entertaining & practical manner. A must read for people of all ages."   

Kent L. Brown Jr.

Publisher-Highlights for Children


“It was a delight to read your book . . . I am a grandmother myself and could see myself in many of the situations.”


Sophie Masloff, (former) Mayor,

City of Pittsburgh


"I haven't had a serious discussion with my sixteen-year-old daughter over the past three years--she picked up the book by accident, read it one evening, and when she came downstairs the following morning said, "Mother, I think its time we sit down and have a real face-to-face conversation. I was eternal gratitude to your mother.


Frau Ingrid Klausman

Frankfurt, Germany



“Mother always said, “. . .” reflects family values that are critical to the future of our country.”



former, President & CEO— ALCOA Corporation


“A most delightful book . . . full of wit and witticism and so many wonderful lessons to be learned for us all.”


Mim Bizic, Gifted Teacher,

Sewickley, PA


“I was your second grade teacher and want to congratulate you on your book . . . it is an excellent tribute to your mother and all mothers who encourage and inspire their children to make the right choices and develop their talents to the fullest.


Mrs. Charlotte M.Bacon,

Sewickley, PA


“How you honor our family by writing so respectfully and lovingly of my father. You have a flare for expressing yourself in an intimate and warm fashion . . . without getting saccharin or gushy . . . as we say in Hebrew, “I am a captive of indebtedness.”


David L. Chamovitz, M.D.

(son of Morris) Tel Aviv, Israel


“I started reading it and couldn’t put it down—done at 2am. Your style of writing is unlike I have read before . . . its shall by my guide in my career.”


Lisa Ellerin, Teacher


‘We keep losing the ‘truths’ that previous generations have taught us, and you’ve reminded us all in a way that is not pedantic or imposing. It is light, refreshing and certainly manageable in every sense of the word.”


Fr. Tom Newsholtz, St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Falls Church, VA


“This is the kind of basic wisdom that should be practiced by politicians-truly enjoyed it.”


Jim Moody,

former, Member of Congress—Wisconsin, MN


“As a bookseller, I enjoy being able to recommend books like yours. It is witty and can be used in any situation; while carrying an important message of importance. It never preaches; it guides the reader to the point the same way mothers guide children awareness gently, but firmly.


Kathleen Stratton Smith,

Barnes & Noble Book Shop


“This book crosses on international borders—it reflects the best of all cultures and that in itself is worth the read.”



Alexej Novachev, President - Bank Veda St.Petersburg, Russia



“The wisdom of Dorothy Popovich summons to our souls a love full of decency, practicality and common sense in a world that she recognized to be often hostile and cynical. Robert’s stories of his mother wonderfully capture the heart of her indomitable goodness.


John Bunce, former US Naval
Officer and Entrepreneur




Mother Always Said, "..."

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