A Letter to All the Mothers of the World

By: Robert Popovich © January 28, 1990

MUCH HAS BEEN WRITTEN of your contributions, but most efforts to describe them have failed to capture their essence.


From cleanliness to faith, from guidance to education, from adversity to resolution, from hope to reality, and from discipline to love, you have filled every void and softened every fall.


With this in mind, we hold on to what has been so dear to us, but at the same time struggle to establish our independence and demonstrate that your efforts were not in vain.


Your selfless ability to do so much for so many, while denying yourself, is too often rewarded by taking you for granted. Although we celebrate your deeds on a national day of honor, we frequently forget that it is the small acknowledgments of appreciation that you most cherish and desire.


Your trust, faith, encouragement and love serve as a constant reminder of what is truly important in life.


To all the mothers of the world, from all the children of the world, for all you have done, and all that is yet to come, we simply want to say, “Thank you.”

By: Robert Popovich © January 7, 1990

We're born one day with fanfare and kind,
But we quickly learn—there is too little time.

We're taught life’s lessons from those near and far,      Hoping they serve us well—in search of our star.

We experience the best and worst with nary a warning,        In hopes of more laughter—than despair and mourning.

So with all of this uncertainty what does life truly offer,
It is the choice of ‘passion’—over predictability and order.

For in living with passion, we can be certain of one thing,
We will have tasted life’s grapes—whether sweet or vinegary.

And when our lives have ended, and it is all said and done, Our degree of passion—will determine our life’s total sum.


Life Offers Passion