MAS, "..." Readers & Benefits 


Over 1 million copies & translated into 5 languages


Mother Always Said, "..." the following have benefited  from its principles, lessons & techniques


  • Individuals

  • Families

  • Religions

  • Businesses

  • Psychology

  • Governments

  • Education

  • Public Institutions

  • Social Organizations


Why this book sold over 1 million copies and translated into 5 languages.


  • It takes complex human emotional issues & deals in an entertaining and practical manner. An incomparable common denominator —motherhood

  • The principles pertain to anyone’s personal & business life

  • The principles are easily applied and offer immediate feedback



The principles apply to families, business, education and social organizations.


  •  It improves family relationships

  • It increase a company's profitability

  • It is a permanent reference book for all categories listed

  • It is a guaranteed, NO RISK, fundraiser





  • It makes parents better parents

  • It improves children's attitude/confidence in life

  • Parents better understand their children’s issues

  • Children have successful applied its principles

  • All of the above add up to better parent/child relationships





  • The principles increase  business sales

  • The principles are easily applied and measurable

  • It is a teaching tool to improve employee’s attitudes & skills

  • The results are immediate and measurable

  • The case studies cover a broad range of industries





  • Addendum for Business Ethics Courses

  • The principles and techniques increase sales

  • Excellent addendum for teaching marketing skills



Social Organizations Fundraiser:


  • Its easily organized and implemented

  • Its values and principles applied to the majority of organizations

  • It is a guaranteed fundraiser

  • There is NO RISK

  • It can be a steady source of income





It is a permanent reference resource that can be applied to any generation and ethnicity with Volumes II & III riding the crest of its success.