The Story Behind the Book
The author's career as an international corporate and governmental consultant spans over thirty five years. As part of his services, he made countless presentations and interjected many childhood experiences and lessons learned from his mother and how they could be successfully applied in one's personal life and business career.
The anecdotes became so popular, audiences continually encouraged him to pen them into a book so others might benefit-then after twelve years, he did just that.
The book was never intended for commercial sale; he only used it  as an addendum text in his workshops and seminars, then after just one year something remarkable happened.
Somehow, the book ended up in the hands of Morris Chamovitz's son, Dr. David who lived in Tel Aviv, Israel. He sent the author a letter advising him it had reached notable acclaim in Israel.
Shortly thereafter, while returning home from a business trip in Germany, he was recognized by one of the customs agents, whom he knew from so many previous trips. "Robert," he said, his eyes in a glitter, "have you seen the newspapers, there's picture of you and an article about your book."
Remarkably, MAS, "..."  made its way into many mainstream news agencies--AP and UPI, along with many major US and foreign press. One year later, it had sold over 1 million copies and translated into five languages.
Since 1991 to date ((2019) he still continues to receive letters asking if he planned on writing subsequent books. Over the past two years, he has written two additional volumes.
The original version of the book covered his career from 1952 to 1990. Volume II from 1991 to 2001; and Volume III, from 2002 to present (2017).
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Due to the success of Volume 1- Volumes 2 & 3
will be available in September 1, 2019






Mother Always Said, "..." Volume I
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