Robert Popovich

Business Consultant

Governmental Advisor

Speechwriter - Speaker - Author

The Story of Mother Always Said, "..."

 ALREADY A BESTSELLER, the book is a compendium of childhood lessons the author learned from his mother. A testimonial to his mother’s guidance and support in his early years, the author shows how he successfully applied the lessons learned throughout his career as an international business consultant and governmental advisor, whose clients include the White House. 


In addition to acting in an advisory capacity to high profile clients, the author is an award-winning speaker and seminar facilitator on business strategy to conferences around the world. During his speaking engagements, he frequently quotes his mother’s lessons much to the delight of his audiences. It was in response to their continued encouragement that the author wrote this book about her teachings so others might benefit. 


The common denominator of motherhood and the valuable lessons we learn from our mothers creates a bond that transcends cultural and political differences that led it to be translated into ten languages. 


The first edition was published in 1990, and initially offered as an addendum text in the author's management seminars, but later it was discovered that many of those who had received courtesy copies gave them to colleagues, friends, and family.  The author continues to receive letters of praise, many of which share how the lessons improved relationships between parents and their children; in addition, it is now being used as an addendum text for business strategies and ethics classes at colleges and universities.


The initial printing received rave reviews and created a groundswell of enthusiasm. Major newspapers and magazines from around the world ran the story of a business consultant sharing his mother’s advice with major corporate and government clients.


As one reader put it, Mother Always Said, "..." brings a smile to your face, an occasional tear to your eye and warmth to your heart. Over the years,  readers have asked for more words of Mother's wisdom--in response, volumes II & III are nearing completion. They are due to be released later this year. Please check this site for updates. Thank you for your ongoing support.